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A little north of normal

Why North 43 Design? It is the highway that takes us home, and the road is always full of possibilities. We are in the business of building remarkable brands through print and digital design.

We believe in empowering our clients to achieve excellence by offering them assets that they can be proud to call their own. Grande Prairie is our home, and we want to help local businesses create truly extraordinary marketing.

The story behind the decals started when we began the process of rebranding our family’s commercial vehicle fleet. We were looking for a design-forward, responsive team that was as excited about the project as we were, and weren’t having great luck. When we were provided the opportunity to become what we needed and do it ourselves, we jumped.

What makes us special? We can deliver a true “one-stop” experience for customers looking for both digital and print products. From product shots to vehicle decals, our team will help you build the kind of brand you have always dreamed of having.



Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with graphics and deliverables that are design-forward and awe-inspiring.

What does design-forward mean? It means that we will provide businesses with assets that are consistent with their brand, aimed at their target market, and built with the foundation of marketing fundamentals. It means that businesses can trust that each design is done with intention and passion.

Our vision is to make remarkable branding accessible for every entrepreneur, no matter where you come from or who you are. 


Design: Make things that are awesome and built with the fundamentals of good design.

Brand: In brand we trust, does it align?

Ownership: Every client owns their designs. Period.

Quality: Would we be proud to show our parents?

Meet the Team

Morgan Dunphy

Morgan was born and raised in Prince George, BC and graduated with a Commerce Degree from the University of Calgary. She has worked in marketing across a wide range of industries, helping startups build their brands, and family-owned companies pull off million-dollar sales events. Morgan’s experience has armed her with the knowledge of what businesses need, and the tools to meet them.

Darin Dunphy

Darin was born in Newfoundland and has called Grande Prairie home for the last 12 years. He has worked in the oil and gas industry since he was 16, and has a passion for sales. Darin’s attention to detail and dedication to customer service make him North 43’s go-to guy for just about everything.

Nicole Gillis

Nicole is a passionate marketer with extensive experience in project management, client care, and social media management. Her creativity and work ethic are an asset to any project.


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