Social Media is one of the most accessible tools an entrepreneur has in their toolkit for implementing their marketing strategy, yet it is also one of the most easily discounted communication channels. 


In this post I want to help your business make your social media matter to your clients.

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Why your timeline might not matter.

Just because everyone and their dog is on social media doesn’t mean they are extending their brand, reaching their customers or executing a cohesive strategy. 

I think there are a variety of reasons for this, but I am going to break down some of the key barriers I have seen my clients and peers struggle with, and how you can make your social media channels matter.

There is no plan.

Now I am not saying you need to have your year on social planned down to the tee. But I do think you need to have a marketing strategy and brand guidelines. 

My advice, keep it simple. Stick to the fundamentals of marketing, and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. 

Creating a strategy doesn’t need to involve a 10-page document with a laminated cover that is so complicated you never implement it. In all honesty, the North 43 Design marketing strategy exists as a mind map in my doodle notebook! 

What our strategy lacks in polish it makes up for in actionable items that I can actually do that contribute to WHY CUSTOMERS SHOULD CHOOSE NORTH 43 DESIGN. 

Creating a strategy that answers this fundamental question will help focus your intentions with your messaging. It will also help with creating content ideas!

There is no brand consistency.

Creating a brand, and sticking to those visuals and messaging is such a challenge. For many businesses, it shows in their scattered social posts. 

Create a brand guide and stick to it folks! Investing the time or cash into this valuable tool will help you create consistency across all of your touchpoints with customers. (This can reach from your invoices to your Instagram highlights!)

There are so many wonderful resources available for business owners to create beautiful visuals. Once you have a brand guide, you can easily upload your logo, colors, and fonts to use on your social graphics. This is ideal for making those on-the-go posts look cohesive.

It’s too “easy.”

Did I just say that?! 

Of course, if it was true everyone would be a social media master. But what I mean is that there are social media channels on everyone’s phone. Therefore, if we use it on a personal level, many fall into the trap of believing we shouldn’t have to spend much time or energy on it. 

Stop thinking about social media as a personal pastime, and start using it as a powerful, one on one, direct content highway to your customers. 

Making quality content takes time. Treat your social media posting like you would your monthly bank reconciliations. Take your time, put in the effort, and watch your customers respond.

Social Media Posting

It’s too overwhelming.

Like many of my fellow entrepreneurs, I am a perfectionist. Whatever I do, I want to do it to my very best, and sometimes that stops me from starting things that are important. 

I know everyone talks about creating monthly posting schedules, posting during prime times, and hitting the ideal daily post counts. These things do matter! But not at the expense of never posting. 

Don’t let perfectionism stop you from creating good content that communicates why your customers should choose you. Creating an actionable strategy that works towards your goals will help you make sure what you do post serves you best.

How To Make Your Social Matter

Don’t let the shininess fool you. Social media is just another channel for communication. Whether you do radio, pay-per-click ads, billboards, or guerilla marketing stunts, it all boils down to the same thing, communicating your WHY. 

Implementing the fundamentals of marketing will help your business make your social matter. 

    • Understand who you are targeting, and why they should care about your business.
    • Create interesting, professional content that elicits emotion 
    • Share why your business is remarkable and articulate your unique identifiers 

TIP: Treat your social media like a one-on-one conversation with your perfect customer! If they wouldn’t care, keep it off your timeline. 

Social media is an extremely powerful tool, and by tackling it with strategic intention you can make it matter.

Looking for help with your social media posting?

Contact our team! Whether it is a brand guide, strategy development, content creation, or complete management, we can help you reach your goals.


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